Saturday, December 06, 2014

"The Musical of Musicals - The Musical!" - Taking a Second Look (It Gets Even Better!)

I have already written a rather thorough review of the Moonbox Productions offering of "The Musical of Musical - The Musical!" currently playing at the Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts.  If you have not yet read that iece, click below:

Original White Rhino Report Review

But I had to return to see the show again.  There were three primary reasons for returning for a second helping:

  1. I loved the show and felt as if once was not enough.  I can always be tempted to indulge in a second slice of sweet potato pie!
  2. When I attended the show last weekend, Katie Clark had to mime her singing parts, her voice having gone AWOL for a few days.  I wanted to hear her sing.
  3. I knew I had missed a good many of the clever puns and allusions to familiar Broadway shows, songs and specific lyrics.
So I betook myself to the South End one more time, and had a ball!  I can say that hearing Katie sing and enjoying her send-up of Patti Lupone added a new spice to the already delicious dish that the cast members have been serving up to the audience in each performance.

I did indeed pick up on a few more clever puns and allusions.  I don't want to offer too many spoilers, but listen for the line: "What's the use of wanderin'?"!  And also, "Warily we roll along."!  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

So get to the Boston Center for the Arts - more than once.  Get there before December 20, for by then, all the corn will have been picked and popped and this run of the show will be "Done"!

Enjoy! (more than once!)


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