Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mini-Review of "Still Life Las Vegas" by James Sie - A Promising Literary Debut

James Sie makes a very promising literary debut with "Still Life Las Vegas."  The novel is a very well crafted and beautifully told coming of age tale about Walter Stahl, who lives in Las Vegas with his ailing father. He keeps hoping to spot his accordion-playing mother who disappeared when he was a boy after a family tragedy had already shattered their lives.  The book contains elements of a graphic novel, depicting some of Walter's sketches.  His drawing leads him to meet a brother and sister team of living statues who pose at the Venetian Hotel.  This team of Greek immigrants impact Walter's life at several key levels as he learns of love, friendship and another episode of abandonment.  The ghost of Liberace haunts some of the action of this fast-moving story that I had a hard time putting down.



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