Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mini-Review of "My Final Word - Holding Tight To The Issues That Matter Most" by Chuck Colson with Anne Morse

I was thrilled when I learned that there was a posthumous Chuck Colson book being published. Having worked with Chuck for over ten years in his organization, Prison Fellowship, I have a particularly keen appreciation for his world view, wisdom and ability to communicate in a very sophisticated way.  I was not disappointed in this final work.

Anne Morse had collaborated with Chuck over many years on several of his writing projects, so she has assembled previously unpublished thoughts, radio show scripts and essays from Chuck.  They come from the last years in his life, so they reflect many decades worth of reflection and observation about life, faith, integrity and leadership.  "My Final Word - Holding Tight To The Issues That Matter Most" is a fitting tribute to a man who forged a new career from the ashes of his Watergate humiliation.  He wielded more influence from his role as a thoughtful former prisoner than he did from his lofty perch in the White House.  This book serves as a wonderful capstone to that praiseworthy second career as Christian elder statesman.



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