Thursday, February 04, 2016

Magnificent Bastards Presents "Shit-faced Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing" at Davis Square Theatre

Several months ago, I was inaugurated into the unique pleasures of a Magnificent Bastards production of "Shit-Faced Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream."  I was as enchanted as any mythical forest.

White Rhino Report Review of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

When I learned that this same intrepid troupe of actors were now also tackling "Much Ado About Nothing," I knew that I had to return to Davis Square to see how they would handle this tale of tangled intentions, affections and disaffections. In the performance that I witnessed, the actor who had been chosen to appear in a state of inebriation was one Marcus Sandor Hunter in the role of Claudio.  He was hilarious and totally unhinged and uninhibited.

Marcus Sandor Hunter
Drunk or Sober?
You decide
Peace Out!
Shit-faced Shakespeare
Magnificent Bastards Productions
Davis Square Theatre

Even though this was not Hamlet, being in the presence of the Bard's brilliance caused me to wonder just how I should approach describing my evening of mirth and merriment at "Shit-faced Shakespeare."  Should I "B" or not "B"?  I opt for B!  So, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, here is what you may expect when you make your way to the Davis Square Theatre:
  • Benedick and Beatrice Belligerent, Befuddled and Bespoke
  • Bride-to-be Hero Besmirched and Betrayed
  • Bounteous Bosomy Beauties
  • Buried Bride Bursts forth
  • Benighted Bridegroom-to-be Claudio Bellicose in Berating Blubbering Bride-to-be
  • Beery Bridegroom Bestride a Banana
  • Bountiful Bottles of Brew
  • Bugle Beckoning that Claudio Betake more Beer
  • Bawdy Bedroom Balletics
  • Beastly Betrayal by Don Jon Burdens Claudio with Burgeoning Bad vibes
  • Bathos and Buffoonery
  • Belly laughs by the Bunch!
Any Questions?

Betake thyself Betimes to Davis Square.



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