Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mini-Review of "A Hero of France" by Alan Furst - A Hymn of Praise to the French Resistance

Alan Furst is at the top of his game with "A Hero of France." The story is of the emergence of the French Resistance during the Occupation of France by Germany. A spy with the code name of Mathieu is part of a network of resistance volunteers who work to rescue downed British pilots and return them to England before the Germans can capture them. Mathieu is helped out by a motley network of characters, including Lisette, a 17-year-old student who risks everything to help, Chantal, an aristocrat who wants to help and is willing to get her hands dirty. Then there is Daniel, a Jewish teacher seeking revenge, Max the night club owner, Joelle and Annemarie.

This novel is beautifully written and serves as a powerful hymn of praise to the unsung heroes of the French Resistance.



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