Saturday, July 16, 2016

"Embrace The Fire" by Stephen England - Continuing the Shadow Warrior Series

Author Stephen England has me hooked with his Shadow Warrior series.  The adventures and misadventures of former CIA operative Harry Nichols cover most of the political and military hotspots around the globe.  In this installment of the series, Harry Nichols has been fired from the CIA for a series of indiscretions.  But he is intent on finding and killing the terrorist who gunned down his beloved Carol, who died in Harry's arms in Las Vegas.

In this volume, "Embrace The Fire," Nichols' search for Tarik Abdul Muhammad leads him to England, where a potential race riot is simmering.  Right wing factions attempt to partner with the Pakistani terrorists to pull off a bold assassination of the Royal Family as they vacation in Balmoral. Harry, operating without sanction, uses past connections to stay on top of things. He finds himself in the middle of the action - weapons shipments, suicide bombings, assassination attempts.

Former Northern Ireland IRA leaders figure in this complex plot.  From page to page, it is difficult to discern which lies are being told to protect the good guys, or are they meant to further the nefarious plans of the bad guys.  Who are the good guys and the bad guys?  The lines often blur in this fast-paced tale.

The author dedicates this book to the late Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn, titans of the thriller genre that Mr. England has joined as a fellow teller of complex and thrilling tales.



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