Thursday, August 25, 2016

Review of "Jack & Louisa - Act 2" by Andrew Keenan Bolger and Kate Wetherhead

Andrew Keenan Bolger and Kate Wetherhead have built upon the successful first installment of this series as they narrate the continuing interesting journey of Jack and Louisa, theater geeks extraordinaire.  Jack and Louisa's friendship is once again challenged as they prepare for their school production of "Guys and Dolls."  They have to face an unexpected obstacle of bullying from an unlikely source - the Director who has returned to her alma mater in Shaker Heights after a career as an actress in NYC. Belinda is jealous of the fact the Jack had appeared as a child actor on Broadway, while her dream had fallen short of glory on the Great White Way.

The ways in which Jack and Louisa separately choose to respond to Belinda's bullying is instructive for the young audience for whom this book has been written. We learn how trying it can be to live up to the age old adage of "the show must go on." Important lessons are learned by all of the principals in this fun tale.



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