Saturday, February 04, 2017

"The Habits of Hope" by Jeff Caliguire - Self Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose

Author, entrepreneur and coach Jeff Caliguire has penned a helpful and very readable book in "The Habits of Hope." Rather than presenting a laundry list of strategies for giving life more meaning and purpose, he couches his insights inside of a wonderful parable.

Gus is a man in the midst of a life crisis. His job is less than satisfying, his marriage is stale, and he seems to be spinning his wheels in life - no joy and no purpose. Out of the blue he receives a letter from someone he has not seen or heard from in many years - someone from a summer camp in the Adirondacks in New York.that he had attended as a young man. He waits until there is an opportunity to combine a business trip with a road trip to New York and drives many hours to a place called Hope.

There he meets up with his old friend, Mr. Turnquest. Together they embark on a series of adventures that allow Mr. Turnquest to make Gus aware of the 12 Habits of Hope that infuse the spirit and the ethos of every inhabitant of the sleepy little hamlet of Hope, New York.

These 12 Habits can be easily accessed and remember through the acronym: Habits of Hope:

Hearing you are blessed
Appreciating the good
Believing God is at work and joining him
Investing in yourself and your dreams
Trusting in God's timing
Surrounding yourself with positive people

Offering your gifts generously
Fueling your brain

Hydrating continually
Overcoming setbacks
Progressing toward your vision or dream
Empowering others to hope

The author not only takes the reader on a fascinating journey leading to Hope, but is transparent in sharing that Gus's pilgrimage echoes many of the struggles that Jeff Caliguire himself has faced in his own journey toward purpose and fulfillment.

The book is both practical and inspirational. If you have read and enjoyed "The Shack," you will find this book to be a nice companion piece to that story.



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