Friday, April 14, 2017

"The Girl At The Bar" by Nicholas Nash - A Fast-Paced Debut Novel

"The Girl At The Bar" by Nicholas Nash is full of fascinating characters and disorienting plot twists. I found myself turning the pages to find out what might happen next in solving the disappearance of a brilliant young cancer researcher who vanished without a trace after a one-night-stand with a man with a checkered past. That man, Ragnar, was removed in disgrace from his Wall Street firm after losing a huge sum of money in risky investments that went south. He is a suspect in Rebecca's disappearance. He takes it upon himself to find out what happened to her - in part to clear himself, and in part because he has fallen in love with her after their one night of love. In getting out ahead of the police investigation, Ragnar employs former colleagues and friends to find clues. He finds himself enmeshed in a growing web of murders and deceptions.

Mr. Nash writes with a strong sense of place, with very specific locations around New York described so well that I was able to picture each of them in my mind's eye. The characters are colorful and complex, and the protagonist is sympathetic, although flawed. The pace is fast and the writing is clear and concise. I look forward to reading his next book.



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