Monday, May 08, 2017

Live Theater Comes To Fields Corner - Praxis Stage Company Presents "Jesus Hopped The A Train" by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Daniel Williams as Lucius Jenkins
Danny Mourino as Angel Cruz
Dawn Davis as Mary Jane
Harry Garo as Valdez
Daniel Boudreau as D'Amico
"Jesus Hopped The A Train" by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Praxis Stage Company
Through May 21st

In its initial season, Praxis Stage Company follows up the success of its initial production "Incident At Vichy" with another thought-provoking work. "Jesus Hopped The A Train" by Stephen Adly Guirgis is a gritty drama, set in a cell block on Riker's Island in New York City. Two inmates, Angel Cruz (Danny Mourino) and Lucius Jenkins (Daniel Williams) encounter one another during the one hour each day they are each allowed outside of their cells to exercise and experience some fresh air and sunlight. They initially verbally spar with each other and with the guard, Valdez (Harry Garo). Cruz is awaiting trial for attempted murder, and Jenkins is a serial killer who is awaiting extradition to be executed down South. Rounding out the cast are Dawn Davis as Mary Jane, Angel's attorney who sticks her neck out trying to help him, and Daniel Boudreau, as prison guard D'Amico.

This production is Directed by Mr. Boudreau and Dayenne C. Byron Walters. Technical Director and Set Builder is James Saint George, Set Design by Carlos W. Byron, Sound by Roberto Mighty, Original Music by Patrick Sebastien Casky, Fight Choreography by Nathan Johnson.

The performance space is an intimate second floor walk-up at 1486 Dorchester Avenue that is the home of Dorchester Art Project, a short walk from the Fields Corner stop on the Ashmont Branch of the Red Line.

Praxis Stage Company seeks to do "political theater." This production delves into the question of "how we erase members of our society through neglect, incarceration, and execution." The depiction of these two prisoners erases stereotypes. These two men, from tough backgrounds, talk in sophisticated terms about issues of faith, philosophy, worldview, and the nature of their crimes. They are thoughtful men whose deeds have consigned them to society's garbage heap. Mr. Morino and Mr. Williams give strong performances, creating three-dimensional human beings. Ms. Davis is also strong in her depiction of the attorney who is torn between a desire for justice and her propensity to offer grace and mercy, at great risk to herself and her career.

When you go to see this play, which will run through May 21st, take advantage of the new dessert shop next door at 1480 Dorchester Avenue: Coco Leaf. It features bubble tea and a wide assortment of Asian desserts.


Al Chase

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