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"Blood On The Snow" Returns to the Old State House - A Dramatic Depiction of the Aftermath of the Boston Massacre

The Bostonian Society has brought back their acclaimed production of "Blood on the Snow" by Patrick Gabridge and Directed by Courtney O'Connor. This play is the very essence of site specific theater, for the performance space on the second floor of the Old State House is the very chamber in which the historic events being depicted actually occurred in 1770.

Bill Mootos, Scot Colford, Dale Place and Daniel Berger-Jones
'Blood on the Snow' by Patrick Gabridge
The Bostonian Society
Through August 20th
 at the Old State House
(Source:Nile Hawver)
We often tend to think of the American Revolution as triggered by a single signal event - Paul Revere's ride or "the shot heard 'round the world." In fact, there was a long gestation to our departure from British rule. One of the kicks that Britain felt from the fetal nation aborning from its colonial womb was the strong public reaction to the shooting of twelve American civilians that occurred in front of the Old State House on March 5, 1770. Four of the victims died, including Crispus Attucks. In response, residents of Boston, under the leadership of Sam Adams, John Hancock and other Sons of Liberty, demanded the removal of the British troops garrisoned in Boston. "Blood on the Snow" depicts the tumultuous discussions that occurred in the Council Chamber overseen by the Royal Governor on the day after the massacre had occurred.

I pride myself in knowing quite a bit of history, yet I learned a great deal in watching the action of this play unfold. Director Courtney O'Connor has assembled a terrific ensemble cast of faces and voices that will be familiar to Boston theater goers. They are:
  • Dale Place as Thomas Hutchinson, acting Royal Governor
  • Ken Baltin as Andrew Oliver, Provincial Secretary
  • Daniel Berger-Jones as Lt. Colonel William Dalrymple, Commander of the occupying troops
  • Bill Mootos as Royall Tyler, Member of the Council
  • Jerry Goodwin as Harrison Gray, Member of the Council
  • Lewis D. Wheeler as Samuel Dexter, Member of the Council
  • Scot Colford as William Baker, Doorkeeper
  • Craig Ciampa as Samuel Adams
  • Matt Ryan as John Hancock
  • Trinidad Ramkissoon as Andrew, a slave
Costumes are by Laurie Bramhall, Scenic Design and Props by Katherine Burkhart, Lighting by Sean Sliney, and Sound by Brendan F. Doyle.

For those who wish to dive more deeply into the details of the events of the Massacre and the Revolution, The Bostonian Society has scheduled a whole series of events to coincide with the performances of this play - talkbacks, tours of the building, etc. See the website for more information. In addition to being a delight for Boston area residents, this play would be a great opportunity for visitors to supplement the usual Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Duck Tour excursions. If you have family and friends visiting this summer, why not treat them to a performance of "Blood on the Snow." It will run through August 20th.

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