Thursday, December 14, 2017

Praxis Stage Prods and Provokes with Dario Fo's "Accidental Death of An Anarchist" - Through December 17th

With each production, Praxis Stage solidifies its growing reputation for presenting works that challenge and cause audiences to see things in a new light. The current production of Dario Fo's
"Accidental Death of An Anarchist" continues that stream of plays that provoke thought. Mr. Fo was an Nobel Prize winning playwright from Milan who dedicated his work to "the proletariat." In this play, he uses an event that occurred in Milan in 1969 to highlight the world view and tactics of anarchists, while pointing a spotlight on fascist police brutality. He conflates time in telling the story of a trumped up investigation of the death of an anarchist who died of defenestration from the upper stories of the security police headquarters as he was being interrogated for his role in a terrorist bombing.

Under the direction of James Peter Sotis, the cast of six energetically and capably convey the hypocrisy of the investigation that Mlan officials launched into the death of the anarchist. Using this specific incident, the playwright cleverly shows The Maniac (an excellent Alexander Castillo-Nunez) using police tactics against them to reveal the cover-up that is being attempted. The notes provided with the playbill give audience members a thumbnail summary of the Anarchist Movement.

Other members of the kinetic cast are:
  • Alexandra Smith - The Sergeant
  • Daniel Boudreau - Bertozzo
  • Danny Mourino - Pissani
  • Michael Anderson - The Chief
  • Tenneh Sillah - Feletti
"Accidental Death of An Anarchist" by Dario Fo
Praxis Stage
Directed by James Peter Sotis
First Church Boston
Through December 17th

As Fo wrote this play, he made it clear that he was leaving room for actors to improvise and to add commentary. The fourth wall is often breached as actors, especially Mr. Castillo-Nunez, interact with audience members and make comments about the play itself and about the contemporary political climate. It takes some getting used to, but in the end, it is an effective technique.

Technical Director is James St. George, Costumes by Sarah Jocelyn, Sound by Benjamin Finn.

Beginning with this evening's performance at First Church Boston - 66 Marlborough Street - this run enters its final weekend. So, make your plans now to attend by this Sunday, December 17th.

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