Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mini-Review of "Jaybird's Song" by Kathy Wilson Florence - Growing Up White In Atlanta During Desegregation

I found this book, "Jaybird's Song," to be thoroughly engaging and engrossing. Josie,called "Jaybird" by her father, grows up in Atlanta in the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Author Kathy Wilson Florence uses her own knowledge of Atlanta to paint a vivid picture of what it must have been like for a white girl like Josie to see, and be caught up in, the whirlwind of rapid social change and discord.

The action in the book toggles back and forth between Josie's girlhood in the 1960s and her adult life in the 21st century. She finds herself caught in the aftermath of a tragic murder, and struggles with knowing the right thing to do. This novel, Ms.Wilson's first, combines intrigue with insights into the heart of a young woman trying to make sense of the world into which she was born, and which shifts under her feet. It is a perceptive addition to the corpus of literature that treats the era of forced desegregation in the South.



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Kathy Florence said...

Thank you, Al! I am so pleased that you enjoyed Jaybird's Song and doubly thrilled that you took the time to post such a lovely review. This is precisely the kind of support that we indie writer's need! I'm very grateful, humbled and encouraged. I am working on a second novel, called Three of Cups. I'll let you know when it's ready for a read! Best to you, Kathy