Monday, February 05, 2018

Reflecting On Liars & Believers Recent Event - "Irrestistible" coLab

Liars & Believers recently held a fascinating one night only event at Sonia at the Middle East in Central Square. The event, "Irresistible" was described as a "coLAB." It was an "immersive, artistic, wild ride." I experienced it almost as a classic 1960s "Happening." A team of collaborating artists wove together a 90 minute experience that included performance art, dance, movement, spoken word, original music, and recreated silent film action in front of a simulated movie screen. It felt a bit like an artistic buffet, with tastes, textures, and spices from a variety of genres.

The performers/collaborators were: Tess Degen, Jesse Garlick, Sarah Gazdowicz, M.I.C. King, Becca Lehrhoff, Nathan Leigh, Evan Lukash, Jay Mobley, Glen Moore, Jeff Pearlstein, Shaina Schwartz, Rachel Wiese,and MollyZenobia, with additional performances by Veronica Barron, Luke Paulino, and Ethan Rubin.

If a single theme could be deduced from the program, here is what the notes said: "In a time of turmoil, will resentment, anger, and fear tear us apart? Will our better selves triumph? Where will we and our nation end up? Deep inside, what irresistibly pulls us. . . and at what cost?From the Constitution to cake - from sex appeal to social construct - what is . . . irresistible?"
Rebecca Lehrhoff, Sarah Gazdowicz

An entire room full of people found the idea of this experimental theater piece irresistible, for the event was sold out. If you want to be able to choose to attend the next Liars & Believers event, I suggest you get on their mailing list and like their FB page.

Liars and Believers Website

Enjoy their next events.


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