Sunday, March 04, 2018

AMIOS Presents "The Loneliest Number" by Lizzie Vieh at the Flamboyan Theater, Lower East Side - A World Premiere Through March 10th

Brooklyn-based playwright Lizzie Vieh has written a fascinating and compelling four-hander that addresses issues of boredom and loneliness within a marriage relationship. "The Loneliest Number" follows a husband and wife who decide to try a risky experiment to find a spark to reignite their faltering passion. Beginning in August, each partner will invite a third person to join them in a menage a trois. The following month, the other partner gets to chose whom to invite. Complications ensue when Wendy (Leigh Williams) finds that her work mate, Kevin (Justin Yorio), has secretly been in love with her, and he jumps at the invitation to jump into bed with her. Arianne (Cassandra Paras), part-time clerk at the dry cleaner and bartender, is John's (Maurice Jones) choice for the month of September, and even more labyrinthine complications ensue.

Director Maria Dizzia (Orange Is The New Black) directs this gifted ensemble with a steady hand, and with considerable help from the creative team of Sound Designer Nick Abel, Lighting Designer Ali Hall, Set Designer Frank J. Oliva, and Costume Designer Jocelyn Pierce. This World Premiere is the latest iteration of a project that began as a workshop as part of AMIOS' popular SHOTZ! short play series.

In addition to the loneliness made explicit in the title of the play, the playwright explores themes of risk, infertility, betrayal, forgiveness, and deep existential despair. Ms. Vieh has created four memorable characters, each of whom is unbalanced in unique ways, and each of whom harbors their own brand of loneliness. None of them is particularly likable, with the possible exception of tatted-up Arianne, who has no more fucks to give, but is charming nonetheless. The miracle of the writing and the acting here is that I found myself caring about what would happen to each of these four misfits. I suspect that you will care, as well, when you make your way to the Flamboyan Theater at 107 Suffolk Street in the Lower Eat Side, just off of Delancey near the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge.

The plays will run until next Sunday, March 10th.

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