Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"The Compelling Communicator" by Tim Pollard - There Is Gold On Every Page

How often have you sat through a presentation that included "death by PowerPoint" and felt like your precious time had been wasted? Worse yet, how often have you found yourself as the presenter who never seemed to capture the attention of your audience? I have good news. Veteran communication coach Tim Pollard has distilled his many years of experience into a book about mastering the art and science of exceptional presentation design. If you read this book and apply its lessons, you will never again fail to connect with an audience - whether an internal audience in a team meeting or a TED talk audience of thousands.

Here are three significant things you will learn from this powerful book:

1) How to design and deliver a presentation that will be easy for audience members to "retell" to others when they leave you.

2) How to create a presentation that takes into account from the beginning the world view and the perspective of the audience, and addresses a problem that they are eager to solve.

3) How to incorporate narrative and stories that will trigger both hemispheres of the brains of your audience members.

The book is organized in a fashion that is both practical and practicable. The author encourages the reader to stop at the end of many of the chapters to create the next phase of what he calls The Pyramid of Planned Outcome. The foundation of the Pyramid is comprised of Data and Illustrations, and builds upward with Insights (no more than three), and is capped off with a Call to Action.

Even before I finished reading this gem of a book, I reached out to dozens of my coaching clients and colleagues and encouraged them to buy the book. One of my favorite responses came from a friend who has his own recruitment firm. He lives in Rye, NY, so it is no wonder that he has a wry sense of humor:

"The book came last night. You know, you're a pain in the ass making me read all these good books. I'm missing out on old NCIS episodes I've already seen 5 times."

So, fair warning. If you order this book and read it, you may have to sacrifice some binge watching time in front of your HD TV. But the trade-off is that you will be able to construct a high definition and compelling presentation that will leave your audience eager to retell the message they will have just heard from you.

"The Compelling Communicator" is one of the most impactful - and compelling - books I have read this year.

I challenge you to buy one copy of this book for yourself and one for a colleague who will hate you for tearing them away from reruns of NCIS!




Anonymous said...

That’s poetic justice. Because you have no idea how much TV I had to miss to write it. Seriously, thanks for that kind and gracious review. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing our thinking on communications architecture having a profound impact out in the real world. Warmly, Tim

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