Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Belichick Redux - A Texan responds

Among the responses I have received to yesterday's posting on Bill Belichick and his Annapolis roots, the one from Harvard-educated San Antonio native, Mark Apolinar, seemed most worth sharing with other readers.


I read your Bill Belichick posting with great interest. I went to school in Boston, and have since then had a special interest in Boston sports teams. As you can agree, these have been some great years.

What struck me most was the paragraph which is copied below. As I read it, I couldn't help but think that I was reading a story about my beloved hometown San Antonio Spurs. Unselfish, team work, objective to win, preparation, and execution... these are all words which are often used to describe the Spurs. Its important to note, that the other common adjective is "boring", because the Spurs are so methodical and non-flashy in their approach all they do is "simply win". As a Spurs fan, I'll take "boring" championships any day.

Why am I bringing this up? Where did Spurs head coach Greg Popovich go to college? You guessed it, one of the military academies (Air Force). To put Coach Pop's accomplishments in perspective keep in mind, he's won 2 championships in the past six years, currently the Spurs are ranked #1 according to various analysts, the Spurs have the best record in the league, and among active coaches, Pop has the best win-loss record. After reading your blog, the military academy's influence on Pop is all the more apparent.

Keep the blogs coming, I enjoy reading them.- Mark

Thanks, Mark. Keep reading and responding!

Al Chase

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