Friday, July 08, 2005

The CEO's Secret Handbook

My friend, Roy Vella, lives in San Francisco and works for eBay/PayPal. He is a fount of informaton, wisdom and networking connections. I was delighted when I received this e-mail from him earlier today:

Very rarely do I pass along "business books" as they're mostly repetitive and not very useful... however, the cover story for this month's Business2.0 was on the "CEO's Secret Handbook". I read the article and thought it was one of the most concise, coherent and useful pieces that I've recently read in a business rag with regards to management.

I'm passing it along because I believe that you'll also find it interesting and that it may resonate with you too. I've appended the article below for your convenience or you can go to:,17863,1069237,00.html. You can also get a free copy of the actual book at



I have just read the excerpts from the gray book, and also filled in the form to receive the full book from Raytheon. I think you will find it to be worth your while.

Have a great weekend.

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