Monday, July 11, 2005

Never Eat Alone - Networking Pearls

I have known of Keith Ferrazzi for several years. I first learned of him through an article in Fast Company Magazine, in which he was held up as the uber-networker. I liked most of what I read in his 10 principles of networking, while at the same time finding his approach to be a bit Machiavellian in some regards. So, I chose to apply those principles that fit my approach and my world view, and take a pass on the rest. Keith, in conjunction with Tahl Raz, has expanded on his 10 principles of networking and has published Never Eat Alone.

David Teten, whose Blog "Brainfood" is part of my regular reading regimen, posted a Link this morning that I found useful.

The Link below represents David Moradi's summary of what he considers the most salient points to be gleaned from Never Eat Alone. I just spent 5 minutes scanning Moradi's summary and highlighting the most relevant sections. This is good stuff. If you are a regular reader of this Blog, you are probably already wired to be a good networker, but the principles found here are a nice reminder and reinforcement of best networking practices. Enjoy.


Never Eat Alone Blog: Reader's notes from NeverEatAlone

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