Friday, June 30, 2006

Blue Ribbon BBQ - A Taste of Heaven in West Newton

The upcoming 4th of July holiday has me thinking about holiday eating! No surprise there!

People’s tastes in ribs and BBQ are a very subjective thing. I have known otherwise rational individuals to get quite animated and emotional in defending their own choice of the best place to find good ribs. Having spent time in the South with friends who worship the fine art of the “Pig Pickin’, I understand that the Boston area is not exactly a Mecca for BBQ. Still, it is possible within the boundaries of Red Sox Nation, to have one’s taste buds tickled by some passable hickory-smoked, Memphis dry-rubbed ribs. I have found several places to which I return when I have a hankering for some good ribs, but I was not really sure which one I considered the absolute best until I found myself on two separate occasions in the past few months venturing out in stormy weather to make a special trip to West Newton. I realized that I was voting with my mouth, and with the foot I use on the gas pedal, for the best BBQ in Boston. My destination on those occasions of craving BBQ was the Blue Ribbon BBQ on Washington Street in West Newton. They also have another location on Massachusetts Avenue, but I have not yet visited that location.

The service is surprising quick, since they always keep an impressive supply of ribs warm and ready to go. They are presented to you dry so that each customer can add his/her personal choice of BBQ sauce in just the right amount. My observation is that half the customers who arrived while I was there took the ribs home to eat, which other dined “in the rough” at the counters that surround the front of the store. I dined there and soaked in the laidback atmosphere with funky music playing in the background, savoring each delectable bite and watching the world pass by on Washington Street.

Blue Ribbon BBQ has earned a spot among The White Rhino’s Favorite Links From A-Z:

Other locations worthy of mention for Boston area BBQ include:

Pit Stop BBQ
888 Morton Street
(Near the Mattapan/Dorchester line)

Redbones Barbecue in David Square, Somerville

Uncle Pete’s Hickory Ribs in Revere

Bob’ Southern Bistro (formerly “Bob the Chef’s”)
604 Columbus Avenue
Boston (South End)




Anonymous said...

As I'm a huge BBQ fan and about to move to Boston, this is a great post. Thanks! I'll definitely be checking them out.

And if you ever happen to be in the Berkeley area, you should try out Everett & Jones on San Pablo and University. Amazingly good BBQ!

Tish said...

I know that people travel for the Blue Ribbon BBQ. I live closeby and have to discipline myself NOT to go for their wet ribs, my personal favorite. The Blue Ribbon is consistent and they really know what they are doing. When it comes to food, this is truly a "guys" favorite... but girls like it, too. See my capsule review at Tish's Dish: Restaurant Reviews in Newton and Surrounding