Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Digital Veterans' Day - Create a Profile on

I cannot think of a better way on this Veterans' Day to honor those who have served and who are currently serving than to take a moment to join MyVetwork and to create a profile on this interactive social network of veterans and those who are committed to supporting veterans.

Be aware that one need not be a veteran to be part of the MyVetwork community. I am not a veteran, but am an active member of MyVetwork, because of my desire to support and encourage our veterans from all generations.

Link to MyVetwork website


Here is a message from my friend, John R. Campbell, Founder of MyVetwork:

"I founded MyVetwork as the first-ever social network built by those who have served, for those who have served, and, for the people who love them.

We want Veterans to know that by joining now, they can access valuable resources like mentors and job matching, and they can bring their values, interests, talents, passions, and dreams to a vital community built just for them.

Our registration process is easy, free, and doesn’t require the “I’ll be your friend if you’ll be mine” of other social networking sites.

After registration, we invite new members to create a profile. This process is fun, and takes less than five minutes.

Once a member’s profile is completed, MyVetwork's matching algorithms go to work, building a visual "pin-view" of the member’s connections in the community.

pin-view Every member’s pin-view of potential connections, is totally unique, like a fingerprint, and can help members navigate the site in any number of ways. Whether they’re searching for a particular person; giving/receiving career advice; accessing exceptional stories, cartoons, polls, pictures, or video; or just looking to connect with someone who has “walked in their boots.”
At MyVetwork, it’s all here: Caring. Connecting. Community."

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this, Al. I just signed up.