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Dr. Scott Snook in the Washington Post - "Greater Love Hath No Man"

My good friend, Dr. Scott Snook of Harvard Business School, had a piece in yesterday's Washington Post that I think is worthy of your attention. Many of the readers of The White Rhino Report will remember Dr. Snook as one of the keynote speakers at The White Rhino Intersection.

Here is the link to his piece.

Great Love Hath No Man

Buried among the comments following the piece are my reactions to what Dr. Snook wrote, reproduced below:


I could not agree more. Everywhere I turn these days, thoughtful writers are connecting selfless service - in the military and in the social sector - with happiness and love. Our mutual friend, Donovan Campbell, in his book, "Joker One," in writing about his Marine Corps unit, makes this statement:

"And I hope and I pray that whoever reads this story will know my men as do I, and that knowing them, they too might come to love them.”

Bill Murphy, Jr., author of the acclaimed “In a Time of War,” an account of West Point’s Golden Class the Class fo 2002 makes a similar point:

“This, for Todd [Bryant], was the essence of West Point. ‘Duty, honor, country’ was the academy’s motto, and everyone talked constantly about honor and commitment, loyalty and patriotism. All that was true and good, but stripped of its pomp and circumstance, the place was really about love. Love of your country, love of your classmates and friends, and love of the future officers you’d someday serve with. Most of all, West Point was about learning to love the soldiers you would someday lead, the privates and sergeants, knuckleheads and heroes alike, who might, just once, in a life-justifying moment, look to you for leadership in some great battle on a distant shore.”

Thank you for shining another light into the shadowy corners of our lives.

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FYI - Dr. Snook will be joining us for Intersection 2.0 on the 14th of November, as will his daughter, Megan, a West Point cadet. His son, LT Sean Snook, will be joining us remotely from his deployment in Afghanistan by way of a video greeting that will help kick off the conference.

If you have not yet registered for Intersection 2.0, follow this link.

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