Thursday, May 19, 2016

Taking A Second Look At "Dogfight" - Worth Seeing More Than Once

It is not unusual for me to return to see a show a second or third time if the production has really grabbed my attention and my heart.  It is rare, however, for me to choose to write a follow-up piece based on that second viewing.  But when I returned to the BCA last evening for another look at the SpeakEasy production of "Dogfight," I saw things that I had not been able to highlight in my initial review.

I highlighted the work of actor Patrick Varner in his role as the waiter, but I neglected to mentioned the other 5 or 6 roles he plays with distinction, including a lounge singer who serves as judge of the dogfight "beauty contest."  He is also a staple as Eddie's bus companion on the ride to San Francisco.
Also standing out are Liliane Kline as Rose's hard-working single Mom and Jenna Lea Scott as the stoic and taciturn squaw, Ruth Two Bears. She also plays the calloused hooker who reluctantly services Bernstein.

Seeing the show for a second time felt even more poignant, especially reflecting on the misplaced expectations of the young Marines who expect that they will go to Vietnam, do their job quickly, and return home to acclaim and ticker tape parades.  The sad reality was that many of them came home in pine boxes or to being spat upon by war protesters who called them "Baby Killers."  We have come a long way since the 60's in terms of how we express our opposition to war, while honoring the men and women who return home after having served oversees.

The show runs through June 4th, and if there is justice in the world, tickets should be hard to come by, so get yours now. If you go, I can guarantee that you will have "Some Kinda Time"!

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