Saturday, March 19, 2005

A Reality Check Amidst March Madness

On March 3, I posted some thoughts in this space that dealt with an emerging generation of leaders. I mentioned that my friend, Kevin Stacy, was deploying back to The Gulf, and that he would be sharing his thoughts from time to time with family and friends back home. Today, I received his first two Blog postings since his arrival back in the war zone. I knew right away that I needed to share these remarkable pieces with the readers of this Blog. I do so with Kevin's permission.

Kevin makes the point that here at home, we have become inured to the quotidian grind of war casualty reports - now relegated to the inside pages of the daily newspapers and throw-away tag lines at the end of news broadcasts. Thoughtful reporting on events in Iraq have given way to breathless accounts of the Michael Jackson trial, Robert Blake's acquittal, Mark Maguire's demurral before Congress, and the University of Vermont's stunning upset of the mighty Orangemen of Syracuse. Kevin's gut-wrenchingly honest sharing of his thoughts and feelings about what it means to be a real human being in the midst of continuing combat is a wake-up call. The fact that Kevin possesses the heart of a warrior, the mind of a sage and the pen of a poet make his writings all the more compelling and a "must read."

As you read for understanding Kevin's postings, please pray for him and all those for whom he speaks.

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