Monday, March 14, 2005

Renaissance Souls Only Need Apply – A Call to Brainstorm

In last Friday’s posting, I mentioned my friend, David Mann – a person of strong faith, a venture capitalist, an Annapolis grad and a quintessential Renaissance Soul. For the past few months, Dave and I have been brainstorming about finding a means of connecting Renaissance Men and Women to one another in ways that would encourage mutual growth. We recently agreed that it would make sense to let other readers of this Blog join in on our dialogue and offer opinions and ideas. In that spirit, I share the gist of our recent e-mail conversations. The excerpt below serves to summarize and to encapsulate much of the discussion and thinking that David and I have shared over the past few months:


I am glad to hear you enjoyed the book – "Season of Life." I was inspired by the book. As I started reading the book I would have assumed that the football program never won any games and didn’t really care about competition. I was pleasantly surprised to read that they took the building people for others approach and were also a highly successful football program.

I think your idea of “Renaissance souls for others” is a good one. Why don’t we pursue that line of thinking and consider the mission and values of this group. Mission might be something like: “Renaissance men and women who value and emphasize relationships while focusing on service to others” OR “Men and women of substance and impact who value relationships and want to lead a life of service.” We can think about how best to carry out this mission – could be an invited group of people who come together to build meaningful relationships (i.e., people of faith and integrity who want to talk on a real level) and look for ways to help one another be successful – in life, in work, in play. So it needs to be a group of people who are in a position to actually assist other people (there are lots of people with good intentions, but not the capacity to assist others) and want to do so in a meaningful way. You can only be in the group if you are providing more than you are taking away, etc. etc.


* * * * *

So, that is pretty much where things stand. We are wondering if it makes sense to create a separate Blog as a forum dedicated to dialogue among Renaissance Souls, or if a special LinkedIn Group would be the way to go, or some other forum. Perhaps eventually an annual retreat would evolve – a "Davos Conference for Renaissance Souls." The idea, as you can tell from David’s thoughts above, would be to spur one another into action that will be beneficial to others.

Your comments are welcome and eagerly anticipated.


Al Chase


Anonymous said...

Dear Al,
I like th idea. Please "count me in". Too hard pressed to comment further right now. This will need a REAL meeting of like-minded souls at some point in order to take-off I feel. Best wishes,
Yours aye,

Devo said...

I agree that this is a great idea, as embryonic as it is at the moment. Please count me in as well. Once the idea has more concrete focus, I'll be glad to lend my brain and soul to the effort!


napkindesigner said...

We all come from different walks of life, personality profiles, etc. Yet, it appears we share a common thirst for knowledge and a desire to leave the world a better place, if only incrementally.

Sign me up. Here's hoping our collective world experiences can benefit others while fostering felllowship within our group.

Arik said...

I love the idea but its a very general one as well. Focusing on a specific point, such as putting together men and women for the purpose of meeting each other or one that puts memebrs of both sexes together for potential businesses, would be of interest.
Seeing how much corporate conglomeration is going on in the world today and how the focus on "relationships, quality and individuality" is beooming more and more dim, a business type forum would be great. my .02

Anonymous said...

Dear Al,

A Renaissance man, I believe, is a well-rounded man, a goal that most men in the Renaissance era wanted to achieve. And a goal, I believe, most men of substance want to achieve today.

A little research presents the following characteristics needed to gain this wonderful and respected title in the Renaissance period: cultural grace; noble birth or position; demonstrated courage; strongly educated; articulate; significant understanding of the arts and sciences; and most importantly, the man must be a gentleman.

I had the great fortune to have a father that was a Renaissance man. He was a man of deep convictions and strong faith, and a man who had respect for the lives and dignity of all men and women. He served in WW II and Korea. He raised a loving family, and he was a well respected man in his community. After his retirement he became the editor of the town newspaper and spent 20 years espousing the virtues of the Renaissance man as articulated above. At his funeral, our parish Priest tearfully remarked that his death represented the passing of a era. I assured Fr. Daily that his spirit would live on forever.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that a Renaissance man also uses every part of his well-rounded gifts to make this world a better place. To that end, I would welcome and encourage and participate in the establishment of an organization dedicated to such a noble goal.

Have a blessed Holy Week.