Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Engineering MBA Society - An Invitation To Network

My friend, Matthew Rabinowitz, is one of the brightest and most interesting people I know. He holds as BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Texas - Dallas. He is not only a gifted and insightful analyst, he he also among the most tenacious and effective networkers I have encountered. Matthew has recently created a LinkedIn Group for individuals with a similar dual academic background. Here is his description of the new Engineering MBA Society:

As an Engineering MBA Society co-moderator, I would like to invite you to make use of a valuable new tool that is dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals that have pursued higher education in any discipline of engineering (at any level - Bachelor / Master / PhD.) as well as an MBA to complement their technical degree.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) was historically created to educate engineering professionals with a variety of business skills to prepare for the business world and ultimately management. We believe the combination of a technical degree and an MBA provides a solid sounding board and has inherently yielded successful individuals. (Just take a look at 75% of executive management teams in technology based corporations today!)

Through the members-only Engineering MBA Society Group on LinkedIn you can:

- Leverage the power of the Engineering MBA Society network to find and reach the like-minded business contacts you need

- Accelerate your career through referrals from Engineering MBA Society members

- Know more than a name

- View rich professional profiles from fellow Engineering MBA Society members

- Let other Engineering MBA Society members know what you have to offer to them and their contacts

- Limit your network searches to other Engineering MBA Society members only, if and when you wish to do so

LinkedIn is the leading professional network tool online, used by ~3,000,000 professionals worldwide (and constantly growing!). Access to special Engineering MBA Society features on LinkedIn is FREE and available to Engineering MBA Society members only. Whether you use LinkedIn already or you’re new to LinkedIn, please join the members-only Engineering MBA Society Group here:

Yahoo Group: Link to be provided after joining the Yahoo Group.

Thanks for being a member of the Engineering MBA Society! Likewise, this group of rare, yet in demand individuals is ONLY what we make it; therefore PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FORWARD this message to those you feel would benefit from this group.I look forward to networking with you in the future...


-Matthew Rabinowitz, MBA BSEE

Please include the name of your business school and engineering school (including both graduation dates) when requesting to join. Membership Requirements: A completed engineering degree from an accredited engineering university (BS/MS/PhD) - any discipline + A completed MBA (or EMBA) from an accredited business university.

If you are someone with such a dual background, contact Matthew. And feel free to make others aware of this new and unique networking resource for EE/MBA's.


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