Thursday, October 13, 2005

Spam In The Blogsphere - Help!

In the past few weeks, I have noticed a disturbing trend: comments posted to my Blog that are Spam advertisements for good and services.

Here is an example:

Great stuff on golf equipment testing and I even bookmarked you! Of course I do have a similar page about golf equipment testing

I am not aware that I ever wrote a posting about golf equipment testing, but there you have it!

I am wondering if others are encountering the same issue and how you may be dealing with it.




Mark said...


"Comment SPAM" is a huge problem. I dealt with it on my BLOG by password protecting my BLOG, but that solution is not a good one for you.

I believe offers a feature where people have to type in a random string of letters based on an image file displayed on the screen.

This would preventautomated spam robots, which is likely 99.999% of the culprits.

I'd definitely look into that.

My friend's BLOG at uses this method, and you're both on

I hope that works!

JGM said...

Al - I have 3 blogs and I use Blogger, but I have yet to have any blog spam.

Hope I don't