Friday, March 10, 2006

"Change This" - An Amazing Resource

I first became aware of "Change This" a few weeks ago when my friend, Bob Allard, submitted his paper on "The Care and Feeding of Your Network" for potential inclusion as a "Change This Manifesto." A draft of the paper was printed in this Blog on December 5, and many readers of The White Rhino Report voted for the paper to be designated a permanent "Manifesto." Congratulations to Bob and his co-author, Richard Banfield. Their paper was accepted as one of the most recent additions to "Change This."

The best way that I can describe "Change This" would be to call it a forum where thought leaders from a variety of fields have an opportunity to write at length about an issue that they are passionate about, and which is often given short shrift in the traditional media. The founders of the site give credit to Seth Godin for proposing the idea.

To read Bob and Richard's Manifesto, click on the Link below:


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In the course of logging onto "Change This" to read the Networking Manifest, I happened across another recent addition. The familiar name of the author grabbed my attention: Tom Peters. I first became aware of Tom through his book "In Search of Excellence."

In this article, taken from a recent speech he gave to GE executives, Peters reminds us of some tried and true principles of selling. You can skim through it in a few minutes, but the food for thought will "stick to your ribs."


by Tom Peters

"In his singular fashion, Tom Peters will jump-start your sales passions with this masterly list of tips."




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