Friday, August 25, 2006

Dahlby Responds Regarding Fenway Park Incident and Review of “Allah’s Torch”

Regular readers of The White Rhino Report are aware that whenever I review a book, I try to send a copy of the review directly to the author. Almost without exception, I hear back from the authors. Tracy Dahlby is no exception. His prompt reply to my e-mail and to his reading of the “Allah’s Torch” incident at Fenway Park may be of interest to you:

Thank you for that generous, incisive review of “Allah's Torch.” I'm delighted you've found it helpful in mounting that fascinating novel of yours. It strikes me as a compelling story line, and obviously you've given it a lot of thought. I'd be happy to help where I can. As I say, I'm on the road at the moment and a bit swamped but please come ahead with any questions on which you think I might be helpful and I'll get to them when the dust settles.

Meanwhile, I was riveted by your description of your night at Fenway. As you so well recognized, I wrote the book in part to deal with the way in which fear clouds our perceptions of what we're really up against in the world. Regrettably, I guess your irate fan won't be picking up a copy of the book anytime soon. Thanks for sharing all, and let me know how I might lend a hand.

Best regards,

Tracy Dahlby

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