Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Great Resource for Those Considering an MBA

I am often asked to offer career advice to those in transition. One of the most common situations I encounter is the case where someone in ready to finish a career in the military and would like to transition into the business world. "Should I pursue an MBA, or would it be bettter to get some private sector experience first?"

I have just discovered a very useful tool for those who are asking themselves these kinds of questions. The folks at the Graduate Admissions Management Council (GMAC), the people who oversee the GMAT exam that is required by most business schools, have created a page on their Website dedicated to offering guidance to active duty military who are considering pursuing an MBA.

The Website includes a link to an MBA Planner:

"The MBA Planner was created specifically for military personnel considering an MBA to propel their careers. This Planner will show you the profound effect an MBA can have on your future in the armed services or in the business world."

The site also offers a link to a list of business schools that are considered "military-friendly," based on the following criteria:

"The schools listed welcome applicants with military experience into their MBA programs.

* When allowed by state and university regulations, they will waive the application fee for military persons who have been on active duty within three years of applying.

* They also have committed to making financial aid available to qualified military personnel who have transitioned from the service in the two years prior to enrolling in their program.

* Additionally, they will provide a one-year deferment if admitted military students' plans are delayed by their service branch."

I encourage you to bookmark this site and to pass it along to anyone in the military who may consider pursuing an MBA at some point in their career.



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