Friday, September 01, 2006

Share Our Strength: Bill Shore's "Letter from an Airplane Bearing the Remains of a Young Marine"

This moving letter comes to The White Rhino Report by way of my good friend, Kevin Stacy, a battle-tested warrior and veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. The author of this letter is Billy Shore, Founder of a non-profit organization by the name of Share Our Strength - dedicated to eliminating childhood hunger in America. (

What struck me most in reading Billy Shore's moving recollection of what he observed on a recent flight from Boston to Washington was the fact that choosing to respect those who have served our nation with honor does not need to be about politics. Mr. Shore has a background of having served on the staffs of two Democratic U.S. Senators - Gary Hart and Bob Kerrey. I would assume that given the side of the aisle he chose to serve, he is probably not a big supporter of the war in Iraq. But his political persuasion did not keep him from observing, appreciating and remarking upon the poignant scene of a family bearing the remains of their son to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

The scene that Shore describes must happen many times a day in our nation, as families from shore to shore carry out the sad ritual of saying good-bye to one whose life was lost on a distant shore. I love Shore's final observation:

"I went to my car and drove to work with no ambition for the day other than to be worthy."

May we all endeavor to be found worthy of enjoying the freedoms ensured by those who serve and put themselves in harm's way.


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