Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mini-Review: "The Afghan" by Frederick Forsyth

Up until now, I have been aware of the work of Frederick Forsyth from the thriller movies that have been adapted from his novels - mostly notably "The Day of the Jackal." "The Afghan" is the first of his works that I have read. It won´t be the last! Forsyth paints a frighteningly plausible picture of a brilliant Al Qaeda plot to wipe out the leaders of the world´s top economic powers attending a floating meeting of the G8 aboard the luxury liner, The Queen Mary II. I am certain that this book, too , will find its way into a cinematic adaption, but the book itself was a very engaging read. Forsyth knows his stuff, and his research is impressive - drawing the reader into the settings of the action and into the minds and hearts of the main characters.

Forsyth is masterful in weaving together several threads of subplots until they come together into a tapestry of intrigue and marytdom - by players on both sides of the West-Al Qaeda ideological chasm.



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