Sunday, December 03, 2006

The White Rhino Report Spawns a New Blogger - Tony Lorizio's "Baby Boomer Business Blog"

It was two years ago at this time that I made the plunge into the Blogosphere. I did so very reluctantly and very warily - with lots of questions. "Where would I find the time?" "What would I write about?" "Who would want to read what I posted?" In the intervening two years, I have been very gratified by the feedback that The White Rhino Report has recieved from a loyal group of readers. I have also been encouraged that several readers have told me that I helped to inspire them to create their own Blog. The latest to enter the fray is my friend, Tony Lorizio. I commend him and his new Blog to you. He has an interesting and unique message to Baby Boomers who own their own businesses and are wrestling with issues of retirement and succession.

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"Dear Al:

The example of thoughtful engagement with the "cyber world" you provide through your BLOG, "The White Rhino Report," has empowered me to create one.

I discovered that the focus of my business was NOT addressed sussinctly anywhere on the web. My work is to assist "Baby Boomer" private company owners create and execute on exit and refinancing strategies. While I work in the investment banking world, very few of my competition focus in on the needs of the 12,000,000 private business owners who will be retiring within the next five to seven years.

The Baby Boomer Business Blog now provides a forum to engage, in a personal manner, with many of the issues that cannot appear in standardized advertising and web site design.

In only a few days after the creation of I was able to use this informative and attractive site to engage prospects and allow them to examine the details at their leisure.

Thank you for your fine example and good luck in your new venture. If I can help you in anyway just let me know.


Anthony Lorizio

* * * * *

Good luck, Tony.



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