Friday, July 25, 2008

A Creative Way to Support the Creative Arts - Investing in Jake Armerding's New Project

Even the most casual reader of The White Rhino Report is aware of how much I have come to admire the artistry and musicianship of Jake Armerding. In order to underwrite the costs of producing his next album, Jake is adopting an innovative practice that other musicians have recently used with great success. I will let him explain the concept with these excerpts from his recent newsletter.


Hullo lovers of organic music,

Happy summah, as we say in Boston. Or happy haze, heat, humidity and general discomfort, as the case may be.

I'm excited -- nay, exuberant -- to tell you I have completed enough songs to begin working on a new record. I hope to start recording in early fall with the help of some of my very favorite musicians on the planet. If you can, I'd like to ask you to be involved with it.

I consider myself unbelievably fortunate still to have the means (as I enter my third decade!) to write down something about life -- mine or yours -- that has inspired me, to put it to music, and to present it to you, either on stage or on record. I get to be creative every day, and I hope it doesn't sound too sentimental to say my soul is healthy because of it. I could not be more honest when I say my hope in doing this has always been to increase the health of yours. We all need truth and beauty, and I've been blessed with an ability to create things that, occasionally, I believe to be beautiful and truthful. It is mostly your emails that have convinced me of this belief.

As I gear up for another recording project (perhaps my favorite thing on earth to do) I find myself with two options: to use only what I've saved, which would somewhat compromise the recording quality and musical integrity of the project, or to explore the option of pre-orders, in the hopes of gaining the creative freedom to record an album that is as excellent as I can make it.

I've been honored by your purchases of my past records -- those sales, along with your support at my live shows, have allowed me to make a living for nearly a decade. Now I'd like to ask you to be involved in the making of the next Jake Armerding record by pre-ordering it -- instead of the record or records you might buy upon its release, you can raise the quality of the finished product by purchasing now. It's an investment, and the only risk you run is my making a poor record (not an option in my book).

This is my Truth & Beauty Fund. There are several ways to invest, and I've put together a few different options. Each one recognizes your generosity by giving you something unique and unavailable to the mass market.

Option 1: $25

You will receive an autographed copy of the new record, hot off the press. (This will probably be about six weeks before its commercial release.) You will also receive either an autographed photo or an autographed poster, whichever you prefer.

Option 2: $50

Two autographed copies of the new record, an autographed photo or poster, and a bonus, limited-edition Extras CD containing the following songs:

Little Boy Blue (independent country remix)
Evening (outtake from the Jake Armerding sessions)
Porto, PT (previously unreleased)
Walking on the World (original demo)
The Girl I Left Behind Me / Blackberry Blossom featuring Greg Liszt (live at the Somerville Theater)
Amie featuring Taylor Armerding (outtake from the Jake Armerding sessions)
Caged Bird (plugged-in remix)
Flirting (alternate take)
Honda Civic EX (previously unreleased)
The Fleece (original demo)

This bonus CD contains a couple of cover songs and thus will not be sold commercially - it will only be available through the Truth & Beauty Fund.

Option 3: $100

Five autographed copies of the new record, one copy of Walking on the World, one copy of Jake Armerding, the Extras CD, and an autographed photo or poster.

Option 4: $250

Ten autographed copies of the new record, one copy of Walking on the World, one copy of Jake Armerding, the Extras CD, an autographed photo or poster, and a note of thanks in the album credits.

Live Truth & Beauty: $1,000

The ultimate in artist support. To discuss benefits for this option, including the possibility of a private, in-home concert, please email me at

Shipping and handling are included for all options.

There are two ways to invest:

1) Please mail a check or money order, along with the attached form, to:

Jake Armerding
22 Oakhurst Avenue
Ipswich, MA 01938

This method is preferred, as there is no 'middle man' and I am thereby the sole beneficiary of your generosity.

2) On the MUSIC page, we have added a new option that will let you make a secure payment to the fund directly, with your credit card. As you will not be filling out the option form, please be sure to provide your name and address on the following page, using the "Notes" field to specify to whom the CDs should be signed.

Visit this link to invest electronically:

Thank you so much for your support, and look for another newsletter shortly, in which we'll take a closer look at the twisted psyche of Italian bus drivers.

Cheers all!


I love the concept. When I see Jake next week, as he performs in Kendall Square, Cambridge, I will hand him a check that will represent my investment in the Truth and Beauty Fund. I encourage you to consider joining me as a patron of the arts.


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