Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home - Cambridge Innovation Center

Since December, 2006, Cambridge Innovation Center has served as home base for White Rhino Partners. Housed in an MIT-owned building at 1 Broadway in Kendall Square, CIC is a hot bed of entrepreneurial activity and an incubator to many start-ups - from high tech to professional services.

A week ago, the Boston Globe ran a feature story in the Business/Technology section of the Sunday Globe. I am pleased to share with you the very well done and comprehensive article written by the Globe's Robert Weisman:

"If Kendall Square is ever going to be a true capital of high-tech innovation, it needs to produce its own superstar - a local Google or YouTube or Wikipedia. And if that's going to happen, it will most likely be born inside this drab-looking place that may just be the brainiest address in town."

Globe article on CIC

It certainly feels good to call home "the brainiest address in town," but I fear I may be dragging down the curve! This is not only a great building for housing a rich variety of start-ups; it is a vibrant community. Tim Rowe and his team have implemented and executed a brilliant vision for the workspace of the future. I am thrilled to be able to utilize it in the present as my base of operations. If you are ever in the Boston area, come by for a visit. Better yet, if you have an idea for a start-up venture, consider joining us along the banks of the Charles River!



Hamilton Wright said...

Dear Al:

While you wrote a nice review of the Globe piece, I strongly disagree with your conclusion relative to your presence.
Knowing you as I do, you are in the perfect place along the Charles.
Keep up your good works!

Anthony Lorizio

Tim Rowe said...


You are indeed being unkind to yourself. What Al is too modest to say here is that he has been a wonderful mentor and thought partner to many entrepreneurs around CIC. He fills a very special role at CIC that only he could fill. Thanks for being you, Al.

Tim Rowe
Cambridge Innovation Center