Friday, September 05, 2008

Sometimes It Is about More than the Final Score – Red Sox Nation Reaches Out to the Taylor Family

I remember wincing when I heard about the medivac helicopters that crashed a few weeks ago near the Grand Canyon. Little did I know there was a Red Sox connection. In yesterday’s Boston Globe, Stan Grossfeld chronicles the moving saga of the Taylor family’s visit to Fenway Park in memory of James W. Taylor. Taylor was a Life Flight nurse and former Army Reserve officer. He perished as a result of the injuries he received in the helicopter crash. It appeared that when he died, a promise he had made would also die. He had told his three young sons he would take them to Fenway Park this summer to see their beloved Red Sox. Grossfeld’s story, linked below, tells what happened when members of Red Sox Nation learned of the family’s situation.

A Promise Kept

Reading this story makes me proud to call myself a Red Sox fan. Fans and players united in a moving way to turn tragedy into a life long memory.

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Drew said...

So I am coming up to Boston on Sunday and staying till Wednesday and part of my big trip up from Pennsylvania involves a stop at Fenway on Monday for the D-rays vs Bo Sox game! I’m so excited! I grew up hating the Yankees and over the years that grew into a love for the Bo Sox…This will be my first time to Fenway. My seats are in Box 86, I got 2 of them for $150 total off of eSellOut which I didn’t think was that bad of a price???? ~ I truly hope it’s a good game! I have seen the Sox play in Cleveland AND Baltimore and finally now get to see them in Boston! I just spent my lunch and early afternoon reading about the Red Sox and Boston and blogging that I felt obliged to write something myself! Hope all is well! Go Red Sox!

~ Drew