Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to!

One year ago, John R. Campbell and his wife, Susan Bird, brought to life a dream that John had been harboring for a long while - bringing together several generations of veterans and those who want to support them into a virtual community. In August 2008, was born.

"MyVetwork is the online social networking community custom designed to be the most valuable and sustainable community of individuals in the US military - whether active duty, retired or veteran - and their spouses, families and friends. MyVetwork is provided at no cost to individual users.

MyVetwork's objectives for individual users are twofold:

1) To provide our US military and those who care about them with a means to interact with and support each other in ways that range from the lighthearted and entertaining to deep and meaningful connections that they wish to sustain.

2) To create an interactive exchange where a broad variety of experts - including veterans of earlier conflicts - provide timely news of particular interest to military personnel, distributed in sophisticated, graphically exciting format; job and career advice; information about educational opportunities, advice regarding health care, access to coaching and mentoring services, and a variety of other resources valuable to recently separated veterans demobilizing from the military, whether they are recuperating from injury, moving on to further their education, or planning careers in public or private sectors."

Whether you are a veteran, a family member of someone who is serving or has served, or someone who wants to voice your support for our veterans, I urge you to take a moment now and create a Profile on the Website:


John and Susan, I pray that you and your team will continue to serve faithfully and to grow the MyVetwork community.


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