Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mini-Review of the film "In the Loop"

If Ty Burr of the Boston Globe stamps his imprimatur on a film, I try my best to see that film. So, during a mid-summer deluge in Cambridge, I slogged my way through the swollen rivers running through the streets and sidewalks of Kendall Square to the Landmark Theater for a matinee showing of this outlandish British satire. Despite the best efforts of my faithful umbrella, I arrived in the lobby looking as if I had taken a shortcut through an industrial strength car wash. The watery trek was worth it. Not since "Dr. Stangelove" and David Mamet's "Wag the Dog," has a film so successfully used sardonic humor and reductio ad absurdum to highlight the foibles of war and the politicians and apparatchiki who lead us into conflict.

As is often the case, there is not much I could add to Ty Burr's eloquent review of the film, so I offer it to you as additional impetus to go out and put yourself in the movie's line of fire.

Ty Burr Boston Globe Review



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John Griffith said...

I really enjoyed this movie as well. I found some of the insults to be particularly brilliant.