Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Afghanistan - First 30 Days for Sean Snook

My good friend, Sean Snook, recently finished his first 30 days of deployment in Afghanistan. He has posted a brief video on YouTube that chronicles the sights that captured his attention. There are lots of shots of helicopters, the faces of Afghani children, barbed wire and mountains - a dizzying melange that I suspect accurately reflects what a "typical" day may be like for some of our soldiers.

YouTube Video from Afghanistan

Please keep Sean and his comrades in your prayers as they seek to serve with honor.


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Paul Allen said...

Incredible on-the-ground video, wish more Americans could see actual videos from men and women serving. It is obvious that their selfless service is making a positive impact on literally thousands of children living in a harsh environment. Makes me very proud of our young American men and women who choose to place themselves in harm's way to protect and serve. May God richly bless and protect them.