Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Creative Way to Honor and Remember Rob Seidel and Other Fallen Heroes

I often talk and write about those who are serving and have served our nation in a variety of roles. In that vein, I have frequently mentioned 1st LT Rob Seidel, a West Point graduate who gave his life in Iraq three years ago. Rob's family - his parents, Bob and Sandy, and his brother, Stephen - have worked hard to keep Rob alive in our memories and in our hearts.

They recently made me aware of a wonderful gesture that has been done by Dr. Robert Saidel and his wife in Gouverneur, NY. The memorial garden that the Saidel's maintain is located close to the home of the Army's 10th Mountain Division, where Lieutenant Seidel trained.

Video of Memorial Garden

My "take away" from watching this video is a fresh reminder that it is possible to make a tragedy redemptive; it is possible to turn a loss into an opportunity to give. Both the Saidel's of Gouverneur, NY and the Seidel's of Gettysburg - united in their common grief of having lost a young son - have planted seeds of healing that continue to flourish and grow.

For whom can you "plant a garden" - whether that garden be literal or figurative?


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Anonymous said...

hi/ just saw your article. i received the Gouverneur VFW Citizen of the Year award in October with Tom and Nellie Coakley as my guest speakers. they were part of tom brokaw"s THE 60's. both vietnam vets.Last saturday nite i was honored with the TOM FALLON 'MULE SKINNER' AWARD from 4th district VFW Dept of NY. in Boonville NY. Rob was my main topic along with Travis Friedrich{ my son's xcountry's coaches son } killed in action. robert saidel 315-287-1344 rsaidel@yahoo.com