Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seth Godin Tells the Story . . .about Telling the Story: Tom's Shoes

I read Seth Godin's Blog on a daily basis. I always get something valuable from the nuggets that he shares. This recent post about Tom's Shoes and their program for giving away shoes struck me at several levels, so I want to share it with readers of The White Rhino Report.

Seth Blog about Tom's Shoes

I love the idea of starting a company around the vision of giving things away to those in need. Tom's Shoes does that.

I love the idea of using creativity and on-line tools to tell the story of the company.

I love the idea of using parody and humor to enhance the poignancy of the original vision.

Finally, this story of giving away shoes touched an emotional chord with me that reminded me of a trip I made to Romania in the early 1990's - right after the revolution that had toppled Ceausescu. Need was rampant for food and items for basic daily living. The group I traveled with had managed to secure donations of hundreds of pairs of children's shoes that we brought with us. At the border, we were met by dubious customs officials who looked at the huge cardboard cartons we had tied to the roofs of the cars that carried us from Beograd, Serbia to Timisoara, Romania.

Scowling Romanian Customs official: "Who are these shoes for?"

Al Chase: "They are for our friends in Romania."

Romanian Customs official: "What are the names of your friends?"

Al Chase: "They are friends we have not yet met!"

Romanian Customs official, now smiling: "You may pass. Thank you for bringing hope to Romania."


What friends that you are yet to meet can you help today and in the days to come? How about walking a mile in their shoes?

Tom's Shoes website



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