Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Up-to-Date Look at Life for Archangel Company on the Front Lines in Afhanistan

LT Sean Snook has once again uploaded some recent images from the portion of Afghanistan where he and his comrades are serving.

Here was Sean's message to me in explaining his rationale for taking the time to assemble these video and photo images of the landscape and faces he and his troops see every day in "the 'stan"

"I have just completed video #2. I work on the videos in my free time and then I send them out to the Family Readiness Group at Fort Bragg. I am trying to paint a snapshot picture for the families of our day to day lives out here so that it is easier for everyone to relate to their fathers, brothers, sons and husbands that are deployed with Archangel Company. If they can see the video and relate to us, provoking discussion with deployed family members, it closes the gap of communication and allows shared experiences for all families. At least, I hope it does!

I hope you enjoy!

Sean Snook"

Please continue to keep Sean and his colleagues and the people of Afghanistan in your prayers.


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