Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Political Endorsement

I usually stay away from discussing politics in this space. I prefer to focus for the most part on more uplifting topics. But I feel compelled to weigh in briefly this morning on tomorrow's Special Election to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant when Ted Kennedy died a few months ago.

Over the years I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and a handful of Independent candidates. My choice is usually dictated by my reading of the character of the candidate, rather than by ideology or party affiliation.

For this reason, I will be casting my ballot tomorrow for Scott Brown to be the next Senator to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Washington.

My reasons for choosing to vote for Brown have both a push and a pull.

I am pulled towards Brown's candidacy because a number of my friends know him well and speak highly of his integrity, honorable service to our nation in the military, and reasonable approach to problem solving.

I am being pushed away from the candidacy of Martha Coakley because I have been disgusted with the demagoguery of her ads in the past week of desperation as she has seen a once 31-point lead in the polls evaporate. She has allowed her campaign managers and advisers to use mud-slinging ads and distorted accusations against Brown that I find unconscionable. I refuse to reward such negative behavior.

If you are a resident of Massachusetts, I urge you to vote tomorrow. And let your conscience be your guide. We can influence the tone of future campaigns by the way in which we respond to how the candidates have talked and acted in this election.



Anonymous said...

I am with you Al. Scott Brown would be an excellent Senator who would work well with all sides.

Anonymous said...

Al, as usual, simply yet eloquently said. I agree on both counts.

john said...

I can't vote in MA and have not been following the primary, but understand the value of authenticity: Who's got it and who doesn't. Sounds like Scott Brown is the choice!

John C.

m.johnson-smith said...

I'm pulled in a few different directions myself. As a 24 year old student I'm looking at this from an altruistic point of view, most specificly in the case of my girlfriends parents.

Her mother, 55, self employed, dual property owner and tax paying citizen would be denied medicare because of her age and the new health care bill, although sketchy and prematurly unpopular, would allow her to to be covered. Scott, as I've seen him say would be the decisive voice to counter that bill to which I dont fully agree. Also, her father, 52, self employed tax paying citizen as well, was denied health care coverage in MA because he had a heart attack. He is an organic cook, conscious of his food consumption and a contractor, non smoking, who lives a pretty conscious lifestyle as well. I dont find it fair that policy decisions, especially this healthcare one, should dictate the quality of life for honest paying tax citizens and, maybe I'm wrong but Scott Brown in office wont really help these middle class citizens, I assume, mirror alot of MA citizens - from what I've seen, heard and researched.

I'm pulled in different directions because I've always supported the democratic stance on social issues and for me, this is a big decision because I know where MY VOTE is and who it effects - its very close to home.

I will vote tomorrow but not sure who, still figuring things out. Not a big fan of the tactics of the Coakley campaign, I actually voted for Capuano for the primaries, but hey, I do appreciate that this is POLITICAL SCIENCE and it all is a science to get elected.

M. Johnson-Smith

Arik said...

I am so on the fence with this race but I feel if Brown wins its just going to set off a chain of events where nothing is accomplished for another decade. As much as this healthcare bill is imperfect, it does do some good where previous aliments would no longer be an issue for example. I feel it Brown is voted in, the republicans will win in a landslide next year, a la Gingrich in 94 and the bickering will continue and no work will ever be put into healthcare at this level again. Obama is not perfect but I do give him credit to do something about healthcare in his first year. He probably won't be re-elected as a result but the system is broken and needs a fix!

Joan said...

I am praying Brown wins.

Joan said...
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Jon Cohan Marketing said...

Agreed on Brown. I'm an "Bill Weld Republican" and Brown connects with me. I do no agree on all his positions, but at least I know where he stands.

I fear Coakley will just be a "rubber stamp Democrat"