Friday, January 22, 2010

Rhino Reflections - MyVetwork's New Column

I am honored and humbled to have been asked by MyVetwork to write a regular column for their website. MyVetwork is a national on-line community that reaches out to veterans and those who support veterans. The focus of the column will be reviews of books that I have read on issues of leadership, the military and transition from the world of the military to the world of business. In the case of books that I may have reviewed in the past, each column will include an update as well as a summary of my conversation with the author. The column is called "Rhino Reflections."

I encourage you to visit on a regular basis. This week's column revisits Nate Fick's seminal work, "One Bullet Away."

While you are visiting the website, be sure to watch the brief video from Afghanistan by 1LT Rajiv Srinivasan, who has been a frequent contributor to The White Rhino Report. Also, take note of Doug Crandall's piece, looking behind the scenes at the book he is writing about Capt. Scotty Smiley, "Hope Unseen."

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John Campbell said...

As the Founder and CEO of MyVetwork it is not often we can get the comments of such a knowledgable contributor to the military leadership space than Al Chase, a very successful search executive who truly makes a difference every day in the lives of transitioning military. And we are thrilled that he is giving us the benefit of his perspective on books and periodicals that cover subjects of interest to those that love and support our military. Thank you,
Al, for your service!