Monday, April 05, 2010

Red Sox lead AL East - Yankees in the Cellar: All's Right with the World! (At Least for One Day)

The new and improved "Run Prevention Red Sox" did not prevent many runs last night. The long evening included a botched attempt to thwart a double steal by the Yankees that felt like payback for last year's Jacoby Ellsbury steal of home off of Andy Pettitte. But at the end of the day - literally, the game ended near midnight! - the Sox wore down C.C. Sabbathia and his supporting cast and came out of the starting blocks for the 2010 MLB season with a victory.

It was a memorable night at the 98-year-old Grande Dame of baseball parks. Familiar faces on and off the field included the likes of Dr. Dre, Neil Diamond, Steve Tyler, Mike O'Malley, former Sox stars Nomar Garciaparra and Curt Schilling now working as baseball analysts and commentators. Pedro Martinez made a surprise appearance to throw out the first pitch. The defending World Champion New York Yankees were introduced to a hail of lusty boos. Then came the introductions of the 2010 edition of the Boston Red Sox. The crowd of 37,000+ saved their most impassioned greeting for Red Sox supernumerary, Mike Lowell, still with the Red Sox after a trade to the Texas Rangers was invalidated when an injured thumb caused Lowell to fail the physical.

The game was a seesaw affair. Initially, it looked as if the Yankees ace, Sabbathia - baggy pants and all - would hold the Sox offense at bay. But patient at bats finally wore him down and chased him from the mound. The Sox bullpen fared slightly better than the Yankees woeful middle relief. Kevin Youkilis scored the winning run, moving from second to third on a wild pitch and scoring on a passed ball. Not an artistic success as classic baseball, but the crowd loved it!

For one day, Red Sox Nation is happy.

This will be a fun season.

Go Sox!


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