Friday, April 02, 2010

Why I Will Be Rooting for Duke This Weekend - Coach K As the Consummate Leader

My friend, Scott Snook, has a friendship with Duke coach, Coach K. As a result, he has access to some videotapes of Mike Krzyzewski talking about leadership. I have had a chance to view several of those videotapes on numrous occasions. To hear Krzyzewski philosophize about leadership is mesmerizing, instructive and humbling. Last evening, Charlie Rose interviewed him, and the link below will take you to a on-line version of that interview.

When was the last time you heard a basketball coach talk about the role of dancers in a Broadway musical operating in support of the lead actors? This is a Renaissance Man who understands how to lead, teach, train, motivate and carry his players to the next level. He pulls lessons from a wide variety of world views and disparate experience that extend far beyond the confines of the basketball court.

When asked about how long he expects to continue coaching, he responded: "I will do this as long as I have the passion to do it at the highest level."

I have no idea if Duke is capable of of beating a very fine West Virginia team tomorrow night, but I will be one Bostonian cheering for the guys in blue.

Enjoy listening to a molder of leaders talk about how he continues to grow in his craft and in his profession. Listen to him talk about listening! It fits perfectly with the recent Blog posting about Solitude and Leadership.

Charlie Rose Interview with Coach K



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