Friday, August 06, 2010

Mini-Review of “China Star” by Bartle Bull

I first became aware of the writing of Bartle Bull when a friend of the author told me that Bull had written a novel entitled: “The White Rhino Hotel”! How could I not read a book with a title like that?

Blog review of "The White Rhino Hotel"

I have become hooked on Bartle Bull’s erudite wit and elegant writing style. “China Star” continues following the adventures of some of the characters first introduced in “The White Rhino Hotel” and “A Café on the Nile.” In “China Star,” the reader is taken on a rollicking adventure that follows the exploits of White Russian émigrés who are fleeing the wrath of the victorious Bolsheviks. We dive deeply into the ex-patriot communities of Paris, Cairo, Sri Lanka and Shanghai. Count Alexander Karlov is the epicenter for the seismic action that seems to follow him. Based on Bull’s personal travels and in depth research, the book is a compendium of delightful prose, exotic places and fascinating personages. One reviewer calls this book an “exotic swashbuckler.” I would have to agree, but I would add that I enjoyed it as an “exotic and esoteric swashbuckler.”

If you like intelligent adventure fiction, Bartle Bull and his Count Karlov are your men.



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