Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Announcing GaggleAMP - Inviting You to Join The White Rhino Herd Gaggle

My friend, Glenn Gaudet, is an energetic, innovative and successful serial entrepreneur. He has come up with a new tool for making it simple to pass along messages that you deem worthy of amplification when you receive that message from a trusted friend. Thus was born “GaggleAMP.” I am proud to have been asked to serve as a BETA user for this exciting new service.

I am using GaggleAMP to help get the word out about many of the things that are happening with White Rhino Partners and my Blog, The White Rhino Report. I want you to become part of my “Gaggle” – “The White Rhino Herd”. This will allow you to share messages that I recommend, sending them out to your own friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Don't worry, it's not another platform to join. It's just a website that allows you to see the messages I am asking you to share.

As a way of saying thank you, we have added a fun incentive for passing on these messages: Be my guest at a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Using GaggleAMP is fun and easy. It is 100% opt-in. This means you decide which messages you want to share. You can pass on any message. Privacy is important to me. With GaggleAMP, I get to see how many people shared a message, but I cannot see specifically who did. Therefore, do not feel pressured to share anything that you are not comfortable with.

Joining the Gaggle is totally free and takes just a few moments. GaggleAMP will notify you whenever there are new messages to share.

To join my White Rhino Herd Gaggle, click here: GaggleAMP Link

Best of all GaggleAMP is FREE, fun and easy to use. I am looking forward to having you on board. Join today!

To join our Gaggle, click here


The White Rhino – Al Chase


Glenn said...

Love the picture!

Mark Sohmer said...

I'm part of your herd now. Hmm, geese following a rhino?

ethan said...

Excellent article, I enjoy this.

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