Monday, October 31, 2011

AOCI - A New Facebook Community for Military Veterans

My friend, Joe Rhyne, has taken the initiative to create a Facebook application that allows military veterans to network in a professional way. I see it as a "virtual Officers' Club." Here is how Joe describes the vision for AOCI:

America’s O’Club of Industry (AOCI) is an exciting new Facebook application for former and current U.S. military officers interested in professional networking. With a quickly growing membership base, the application offers a great way for officers to connect and interact. Members can:

  • Search user profiles by location, industry, company, education and more
  • Message other members even if you’re not Facebook friends
  • Read reviews of employers and graduate programs submitted by AOCI members
  • Join a variety of veteran message and job boards, and more…

This app is novel adaptation of the Facebook environment for the military community, and fills an important niche in the social media world. The apps founders have created a guest account for me and I've already invited a number of my Facebook friends who are current/former U.S. military officers. Membership is invite-only, so if you are a qualified friend and I have not invited you, please let me know and I'll send you an invitation.

I look forward to meeting you on-line at AOCI.


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