Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gladwell Does It Again- Mini-Review of "What the Dog Saw"

Each time I read a book written by Malcolm Gladwell I find myself quoting him in conversations for the next several months. He finds topics to write about that intersect perfectly with concerns that my business associates and friends and I talk about. He has done it again with "What The Dog Saw," a compilation of his best columns from The New Yorker.

Here is a case in point. This week I received a frantic call from a friend of mine who is training to be a professional musician. He was stressing out over an upcoming recital in which he had to revert to a style of singing that he had not used for a while. In practice he did fine, but in preliminary performances for a small audience, he felt as if he was "choking." I was able to quote from one of the chapters of Gladwell's book in which he analyzes examples of spectacular failure, looking at the difference between "choking" and "panicking." Now that I have finished reading the book, I will be mailing it today to my friend. Once he reads Gladwell's word, I am sure he will be "singing a different tune"!



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